Homework 12th November 2019

Hello Everyone,

My apologies that i’m posting this week’s tasks a couple of days late, here they are:

12th November Task A

12th November Task B

Task B is less challenging for those who find Task A tricky.

There is still time to complete the practise exam paper set before half term. You will find the paper posted on our 22nd October post.

We have also received some feedback that the English Department email may not be working correctly. Please ask your English teacher for their individual email address so that you can email them directly.

As always, we recommend our GCSE students complete some wider reading where possible; sources from the exam board have advised that the articles they include in the exam paper are often sourced from Guardian Opinion.

Their articles are free to read online here:


It maybe helpful to get into the practise of reading some of these articles regularly to get used to the style of writing.

You should also try to think about:
What is the writer trying to say?
How are they trying to persuade me?
Can I identify any techniques the writer uses to try and persuade?

Good Luck!

Mrs. McCabe