Summer Reading Challenge

Hello again,

For these summer holidays I have set all my students a challenge; to join the library, if you are not already a member, and to read some books.

I will be giving all my students a log card, so they can track when they join the library, and keep a note of any books or magazines that they read. If this is returned to me during the first week of term, then those students will receive a reward.

Additionally, I will also be posting a secret code phrase on this blog over the summer. If you collect that phrase and add it to your log card then you will gain extra points, so remember to check back for the secret code phrase!

Joining the library is free, but you will need a parent or carer to go with you when you first sign up. You can find more information here.

We are fortunate that in Hertfordshire we have so many libraries. To find your closest library in Hertfordshire, you can find a list here. Some libraries are smaller than others, but you can ask them to order books from another library for you. The staff at libraries are there to help, so if you need, it please ask.

Once you are a member, you also have access to a digital library of ebooks and audiobooks. More information can be found on the Hertfordshire Libraries website. If you read an ebook or listen to an audiobook, then these can also, of course,  be added to your log card.

If there are any books that you already have at home that you would like to read, then please log them too. You will get points for all the reading you do this summer.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck, and happy reading!

Mrs. McCabe

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