GCSE Poetry: Kamikaze (Video 1)

Hi Everyone!

In addition to the home learning tasks that I will continue to set each week, I am going to post a copy of one of the poems we will be studying from our Power and Conflict cluster set by the exam board. There are fifteen poems in total.

I have found a YouTube channel created by an English teacher. He has posted a video lesson relating to each of the poems on the cluster, which is an extremely useful tool to help students learn and revise.

I will post a new poem and video each week, and by the end, this will form a complete revision playlist for the GCSE Poetry which can be revisited whenever you like.

The first poem I will post is Kamikaze by Beatrice Garland:

And here is the video lesson:

Helpfully on this channel, Mr. Bruff, the teacher, also met with the poet and discussed this particular poem with her. I have added that video below also:

I hope you find these video lessons useful.

Mrs. McCabe

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