GCSE Poetry: Poppies (Video 4)

Going forward, I will be posting these video lessons on a Tuesday. I would strongly recommend that the 11A group should be watching these videos each week and taking notes. I will be providing that group with a booklet of the poems for them to annotate and keep as revision notes for the exam. Any other student that would like a copy of the booklet should see me. I will continue to post a copy of the poem each week alongside the video. 11A should now go back, if they haven’t already, and watch each of the previous three videos posted to complete notes for each of them. This way, they will build up their own revision notes and they can always re-watch these videos nearer exam time if they wish.

This week’s poem is Poppies by Jane Weir, which I have posted here:

Here is this week’s video lesson:

Good Luck!

Mrs. McCabe

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