Home Learning Tasks

Hi Everyone,

In addition to the tasks that we will continue to set as best as possible, here are some tasks that can be completed each day, or as and when you’d like:



They publish a short video news bulletin online every morning which is easy to watch and very informative. It’s a good way to keep informed on current events and interesting news stories.

The Newsround website is also very useful, with easy to read stories, short videos and quizzes. It might be good to explore it a little every day, as they update their content regularly.

Literacy Planet:


We have a school subscription to this website, and logins have now been sent to all parents and carers. Students should complete tasks from the Quest section of the website. The games focus on skills relating to spelling, punctuation and grammar, and they should be adjusted to the level of the individual student.

Online PE Lessons with Joe Wicks:


Joe is running an online PE lesson for half and hour every weekday morning at 9am from his YouTube channel until all the schools re-open. The class is suitable for children/young people of all ages.

Free audio books from Audible:


Audible have made a library of audio books available for free whilst the schools are closed. There are a range of titles from pre-school, to teen fiction and some literary classics. You don’t need an account, or a login, you can stream directly from a laptop/desktop, a tablet or a phone.

English Live Online Lessons:


Live English lessons available on weekdays at 11am. Past lessons can also be watched from the Facebook page.

Guardian Opinion:

We also recommend our GCSE students complete some wider reading where possible; sources from the exam board have advised that the articles they include in the exam paper are often sourced from Guardian Opinion.

Their articles are free to read online here:


It maybe helpful to get into the practise of reading some of these articles regularly to get used to the style of writing.

You should also try to think about:
What is the writer trying to say?
How are they trying to persuade me?
Can I identify any techniques the writer uses to try and persuade?

We’ll add more tasks and ideas in the coming days and weeks.

Good Luck!

Mrs. McCabe

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