GCSE Poetry: My Last Duchess and The Prelude (Videos 14 & 15)

Hi Everyone,

Here are the last two videos for the final two poems in this poetry cluster. The reason I have put them together is, as per the best advice we have been given; these two poems are more challenging than the other 13 poems in the cluster. It is felt that these are unlikely to be the named poems in an exam paper. They are more likely to have been included, so that higher ability students can use them as a comparison or companion poem to a named poem in the exam paper. Having said that, there are obviously no guarantees that this is the case, so it is still advisable to revise them alongside the others.

As we now know that the exams have been cancelled for our current Year 11s, this post is more aimed at our current Year 10s, who may wish to start looking at the poems ahead of their exams in 2021.

All fifteen poems in the Power and Conflict cluster have now been posted on this blog alongside a video lesson for that poem. They have all been tagged as GCSE Poetry. You can find the whole collection by clicking on the GCSE Poetry tag on the right hand side of this page if you are reading this on a computer screen, or a tablet in landscape, or it will be at the bottom of this page if you are reading this on a phone, or a tablet in portrait.

The two final poems are: My Last Duchess by Robert Browning, and The Prelude by William Wordsworth:

Here are the videos:

Good Luck!

Mrs. McCabe


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