GCSE Poetry: Poppies (Video 4)

Going forward, I will be posting these video lessons on a Tuesday. I would strongly recommend that the 11A group should be watching these videos each week and taking notes. I will be providing that group with a booklet of the poems for them to annotate and keep as revision notes for the exam. Any other student that would like a copy of the booklet should see me. I will continue to post a copy of the poem each week alongside the video. 11A should now go back, if they haven’t already, and watch each of the previous three videos posted to complete notes for each of them. This way, they will build up their own revision notes and they can always re-watch these videos nearer exam time if they wish.

This week’s poem is Poppies by Jane Weir, which I have posted here:

Here is this week’s video lesson:

Good Luck!

Mrs. McCabe


GCSE Poetry: Bayonet Charge (Video 3)

Apologies that this week’s video has been posted a few days late. This week’s poem is Bayonet Charge by Ted Hughes. Here is a copy of the poem:

This poem was used in the GCSE exam a couple of years ago, so it is less likely that this one will come up as the specified poem in the exam, but you can never be sure. It can also be used as a comparison piece to another poem that you might be asked specifically about. One poem that might work well as a comparison to this is the poem from last week, The Charge of the Light Brigade, as they both have people involved in war or conflict.

Here is this week’s video lesson:

Going forward, I will be aiming to post these videos on Tuesdays alongside the other home learning tasks.

Good Luck

Mrs. McCabe

GCSE Poetry: The Charge of the Light Brigade (Video 2)

Happy New Year!

Here is the next video in the series of GCSE Poetry lessons focusing on The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson. I have posted a copy of the poem below:

Here is the video lesson:

This poem compares well with Bayonet Charge as they both involve those involved with war or conflict. The Bayonet Charge lesson will be posted next week.

Good Luck!

Mrs. McCabe

GCSE Poetry: Kamikaze (Video 1)

Hi Everyone!

In addition to the home learning tasks that I will continue to set each week, I am going to post a copy of one of the poems we will be studying from our Power and Conflict cluster set by the exam board. There are fifteen poems in total.

I have found a YouTube channel created by an English teacher. He has posted a video lesson relating to each of the poems on the cluster, which is an extremely useful tool to help students learn and revise.

I will post a new poem and video each week, and by the end, this will form a complete revision playlist for the GCSE Poetry which can be revisited whenever you like.

The first poem I will post is Kamikaze by Beatrice Garland:

And here is the video lesson:

Helpfully on this channel, Mr. Bruff, the teacher, also met with the poet and discussed this particular poem with her. I have added that video below also:

I hope you find these video lessons useful.

Mrs. McCabe